Do you want to know how to get rid of old stretch marks? Even though you may have stretch marks for years, there may come a time when you decide to get rid of stretch marks. For example if you are about to undergo a complete makeover or start on a new adventure in life, stretch marks may be something that you feel it is time to let go of.

how to get rid of old stretch marks

Stretch marks are a part of life that affecting a large portion of the population. Stretch marks can affecting anyone experiencing weight fluctuations (those experienced during pregnancy), weight-lifters and teenagers. Stretch marks are really ugly and most people really fear getting them. Stretch marks can occur anywhere, but most commonly appear on the buttocks, hips, stomach and breasts. Stretch marks can be embarrassing since we live in such a pretentious society and this can turn into something even more serious, a self esteem issue.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when your skin is stretched for a long period of time, usually by rapidly gaining or losing weight, or sudden growth spurts. When the fibers in the skin are pulled to their maximum levels they cause scars, and when stretch marks first appear they are pinkish red due to the micro blood vessels breaking up from within and bleeding.

There are other factors that can affect what causes stretch marks, including skin type, genetic factors (people whose parents suffer from stretch marks are more likely to develop scarring themselves), diet and lifestyle (people who are under hydrated, or not receiving right nutrition are more likely to be affected).

There are a few other theories on causes of stretch marks. This theory dictates that an increase of a hormone known as glucocorticoids is secreted by the adrenal glands during periods of pregnancy, obesity and adolescence, and disrupts the production of collagen.

How To Get Rid Of Old Stretch Marks?

  • Massage: When the tears are new, there is a greater chance of eliminating them. Use a cream that will moisturize and trigger fibroblast production (collagen and elastin) to strengthen and provide elasticity to the skin. By massaging the skin several times a day where tears are most likely to appear, you reduce the chance of getting them in the first place. If you are considering a treatment cream during pregnancy to prevent, it’s important that you take a closer look at the ingredients list. Man made creams can affect your unborn child so a natural cream is the best option during pregnancy. Natural snail serums or creams are known to be the most effective.
  • Microdermabrasion: There are various home microdermabrasion creams that are great to treat and remedy stretch marks. These treatments are effective for new and old stretch marks. The only down side with this treatment is that it can take some time before you see real results, yet it’s one of the mildest, cheapest and most effective treatments out there. There are also various natural microdermabrasion creams you can use during pregnancy.
  • Laser Surgery: Another way to remove the marks is laser surgery. This is bound to be very expensive but for those people who can afford it is also effective. However, laser surgery may be a temporary solution as in the long term improving the skin elasticity is the best strategy. The body knows how to regulate itself and simple processes such as drinking eight or more glasses of water per day may go a long way in improving the skin condition.dry skin is not elastic and apart from stretch marks it can also get other lesions.
  • Mechanical and chemical peeling methods are used extensively in spas and care centers because they are considered now an integrated part of any skin cleaning process. Both methods are used to remove the dead skin cells and give the way for new skin layers to appear and the stretch marks to disappear.


As you may be aware, when these marks first appear, stretch marks color may be red or fairly dark. As tissue begins to scar, stretch marks will eventually get lighter than the surrounding skin. The best time to reduce these marks is before they finish healing.

how to get rid of old stretch marks naturally

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how to get rid of old stretch marks

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